The glowing sky of Uzbek culture dotted with a lot of true talents. A striking constellation among them is the Gulzarovs’ family. The head of the family is the Honored Artist of Uzbkistan, Yunus Gulzarov, is called the “golden saxophone”. Popular as well, Inessa Gulzarova, the leader of TV show "Music Room". A daughter of star couple, the winner of international competitions, piano player, Irena Gulzarova, represents Uzbek piano playing school abroad.

Non-fading flame of love

Life experience tells that strong marriages are blessed by the heaven, in spite of life obstacles. Yunus and Inessa had spent a lot of time before they found each other.

Inessa is my guardian angel, the ideal life partner’, says Yunus. She took everything from the life: as a specialist like a teacher and journalist, as a wife like a wise friend, a tireless hostess, a skillful cook, a mother; she brought up our daughter, Irena, making her not only focused and hardworking, but also deeply moral, humane. Irena is my pride, and Inessa is not just adored woman we live 25 year s with. She is a person of my soul, the embodiment of the best aspects within me, non-fading light that warms the world.

Year by year, the book shelves of Gulzarovs’ house are full of notes, tapes, discs and publications on the art of book, as well as rarity photos. They represent outstanding musicians who gave concerts in Tashkent, the heroes of meetings in "Music Room" lead by Inessa for over 15 years. Many pictures show the world stars of the music world next to Irena Gulzarova, the winner of prestigious international competitions, with shining smile.

Honors for talented pianist, graduated from the National Conservatory of Uzbekistan, are marked with a scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Irena was also the first Uzbek scholar to get the grant of the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Spivakov and to present interpretive school of Uzbekistan at the international master classes in Zurich (Switzerland). In his letter to the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Vladimir Spivakov highlighted “the professional play of Irena, her artistry and ability to grab the attention of the audience”.

Tamara Sanaeva.
Photo by the author and from the family archives.
"The Family", December 2006.