Perhaps, there is no person on the Earth that is indifferent to music. Each of us has his own attitude towards musical instruments. Somebody likes guitar, piano or accordion. But there is such instrument that can touch the hearts of all people with no exception, the sounds calling up the tenderness that has not existed for a long time...

It sounds like a city at night and the first fresh rain, like a blossoming garden and the starry sky in July

As you know it only can be a   saxophone. Yunus Gulzarov is a musician who perfectly uses this tool and from the 1-st minute he conquers listeners with his play. The art director of ensemble songs and dance of frontier troops, a winner of an award of many competitions, a lieutenant colonel Yunus Gulzarov conferred on a title the best saxophone on a festival of jazz music in Tashkent.

It was opening day of a youth entertaining complex Prestij-Argo in the beginning of a summer in our capital. Among the popular domestic executors, acting that evening was Yunus Gulzarov who had charmed the listeners by his performance. Multi-coloured fires of a disco were reflected like stars on his saxophone and his saxophone led far far away to the country of expectancies and dreams