The concert in the Large hall of the Tashkent conservatory made sincere interest for audience. It was the first time in the history of music life in our capital when saxophone was played in classical ensemble. Simultaneously there was the 1-st play of works of 2 different author s, styles and music directions for the concert. There were plays for saxophone by Alexander Glazunov and sonatas for saxophone and piano by modern American composer Pole Creston. They have sounded in interpretation of the well-known enthusiastic musician Yunus Gulzarov (saxophone) and Adiba Sharipova (piano).

Gulzarov makes happy by his perfect playing and well-learnt different elements. His deft, surprisingly quick fingers, plastic flexible play structure and enviable technical skills. He is courageous, self-assured and effective on the stage.

The playing of Sharipova is different with her high-class finger technique, magnificent rhythm, bright observation of the phrasing, freedom and self-control. She is getting more and more professional day by day and its pleasant to see. Her solo repertoire is also getting better and this fact makes us happier.

So it was a meeting of two persons on a concert platform. The skillfully made program and compatibility of musical compositions made the audience to feel an unfamiliar music.

Concert for saxophone by A Glazunov was written in 1934 in Paris, where Glazunov had to locate on a condition of health. Being old and sick he was attentive to music sounding round, and especially modern. The composer has told in his interview: - Strangely enough, but I like jazz. You can hear unusual rhythms It is a kind of the art, which makes it difficult separate creativity from the performer. So the laconic, one-part concert has appeared where integrated mood rules over with concentrated thoughtfulness and sometimes grief.

Both Gulzarov and Sharipova have passed the idea of composer with understanding and love. However they were not only objective narrators, but also conceiving musicians with confidence. The musicians made their playing not only interesting with improvisation but the carefully made plan and performance were perfect. In the same style was interpreted sonata of Paul Creston, which was written as the concert of Glazunov, for saxophone (deeper and smooth sound). We all want to see them on the stage more often and make the audience happier. They are equally necessary for simple listeners and fans. Such kind of performance earns a wide range of listeners. After the play they have received an offer to perform in Yangiabad and Fergana. We hope the Ministry of Culture will see works of our musicians. We must to suppose our talents. They need it ever more.

(music expert)
Pravda Vostoka

12 Apr 1994