For his outstanding work, this person is referred to as the "Golden saxophone of the country".

"Yunus Gulzarov is one of the professionals, whose playing manner features bright artistry, incredible temperament, great sound and great sense of form. Magnetism of its scenic charm combined with the creatively different interpretations of classical music, the connection of academic traditions with spectacular pop playing style immediately resonate with the most diverse audience: whether in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, a military unit or a house of mercy", once said Vladimir Spivakov about Yunus Gulzarov.

Today, the maestro is the head of the ensemble of the Tashkent Higher Military School of the border, the colonel, the owner of diplomas of national contests and parades; Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Yunus Gulzarov is guest of our editorial board.

- Many people turn to music when they are in bad mood. As for me, the tone of American blues helps to calm down. What style is closer to you, and who is your favorite maestro?.
- I love jazz. It is jazz music that lets you feel the inner freedom; all the negative emotions are dissolved in the play and everything bad goes off without a trace. Well, my musical idol is the saxophonist John Coltrane, who anticipated era of jazz a hundred years ahead.

- Do the members of your family have any connection with the music?
- They have a direct relation to the music. My family is my fortress. My wife and daughter not only support me, but also give professional advice, and sometimes criticize me. My wife Ines is musicologist, professor of the Conservatory. She helps me a lot. She refines some melodies, gets new materials. And Irena, my daughter, is an excellent piano player, winner of international piano competitions in Spain, Italy and Germany; I am proud to tell this. Particularly, she is a winner of the President Scholarship, leaving more than five hundred competitors far behind. We all support each other and understand.

Alex Nikolsky.