“Sparkle ideas, burst out laughing dreams

Go into the muse in ecstasy dance.

And what for us years and threats, -

Art with us and God for us! “

These wards have been sounded lately on the representation at the theatre of dance “Fantasy”, which was held in Fergana.  Our countryman, Yunus Gulzarov, read these words. Now he is a lieutenant colonel, chief of a military ensemble of songs and dance of the Tashkent higher boundary school.  Having lived in the capital he arrived to his hometown to feature for his town’s people. 

It’s wordless to explain that impression, which he’s made on his audience.  He is a miracle-worker, whose stage is a place of solemn performance. The "Gold" saxophone of Uzbekistan is his name in the music world of our republic. Probably, he is the one, whose talents are given by God. His perfect mastery and theatre arts are tenderly mixed in his performance. But his humor and poetical words make his communication with audience more gently. A mother of an actor, Taisiya Gulzarova, was on his concert and her son has devoted to her the popular variety play. Each output of the actor was met by a wild greeting of his public. Every time his musicality, sincerity, artistic passion and virtuosity of his performance enjoy his listeners.

Gulzarov is a laureate of the World festival of youth XII in Moscow, a winner of an award of many musical competitions and festivals. First of all, he is a concertize musician. His repertoire includes A. Glazunov, A. Ridaut, P. Khindemit and P. Kreston. He has got plenty of  plays and some of them are “Prey At Night” and “Maskharabozy”. The composers of Uzbekistan have devoted to him a whole number of musical opuses. Wholeheartedly a grand musician features not only for exacting connoisseur at the hall of the Tashkent state conservatory but in children's audiences.

F. Sadikov, the art director of orchestra of national instruments at Tashkent Palace of Culture ”Jeleznodorojnik”, told – “it’s difficult to be distinguished in Uzbekistan, because people here sing, dance and play.” Undoubtedly, Uzbek people are very musical and And the peopple's acknowledgement is owned by the best ones.

His musical life started from the musical school ¹ 1, musical collage in Fergana than the Tashkent state conservatory, where taught later and worked in a military orchestra in Moscow.

His parents weren’t musicians but they helped him in this sphere.  He studied and worked much.  His family is very friendly and laconic, even now when his mother is in the middle age she takes care of her family and Yunus’s  father, he  is old sick and bedridden.

His family is also musical. His wife, Inessa, gives lectures on faculty of a music history in the conservatory and a show-woman on TV and helps TV viewers to know more talented musicians, singers and composers.

Irena, his daughter, was a winner of international annual competition of pianists in Spain. Having graduated from the school named after “Uspenskiy” for gifted children with honours, she has entered to the Tashkent state conservatory without examinations immediately on the 3-rd year. We can’t say that it was only a fortunate. It’s a difficult work of the family.


Tamara Belova
“Ferganskaya pravda”
20 Jun 2003